• THE HOLLER DAWGS SERIES A book trilogy by author Ed Baker


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 This website exists to acquaint you to a series of three books by author Edward S. Baker.  The first two books in the series are set in southwestern Virginia: The Ballads of Black Creek, introduces you to the main characters Jason Planck and the feisty Alexia Contratta and explores their developing relationship.  The Holler Dawgs continues Jason and Allie’s romance and introduces you to the Holler Dawgs, a motorcycle gang that comes to their aid when Allie’s life is threatened by an ex-boyfriend.  Coming soon is The Horse Doctor.  Set in northwestern New Jersey, this novel explores Jason and Allie’s maturing relationship as Allie opens a new veterinary practice and Jason tries to fit into a world that is culturally different from the south.

 Read more about each book on the BOOKS links above.  All books will soon be available as PDF’s via Amazon and other outlets.